Anti-Virus Software Review and Comparison

Anti Virus Software

Most of us are familiar with anti-virus programs available on the market- if you’re not you should probably be acquainting yourself with one as soon as possible. Why? The reason is because if you are running a home or work computer, a laptop or a smartphone you are leaving yourself wide open to the literally millions of computer viruses and malware (malicious software) currently crisscrossing the globe. Anti-virus software works much in the same way your home or car alarm functions: it keeps people you out of your stuff.

The market for anti-virus protection however has grown right along with the uptick in development of viral programs from malicious programmers. With so many options on the market to investigate it’s hard for the average user to know what they need, which programs work best, and who offers the type of protection they need. Read below as we take a look at the most common and largest anti-virus software options available in the marketplace so you can make an educated description on how to protect your system and get the best antivirus protection.


AVG is probably the best known anti-virus protection software in the marketplace. One reason this has happened is that many computer builders like Dell offer their Windows Operating systems pre-installed with AVG when they sell a computer. Another advantage AVG has is price: at $22.00 it is the lowest option out there for premium anti-virus protection. While an excellent programs, like with most things that are cheaper, you will lose some features such as MAC availability and parental controls.


Avira Internet Security Suite 2015 has a rather steep price to get you protected: $66.99. So what does this get you? Additional options that many anti-virus programs don’t offer such as deleted file recovery and tune-up options to get your computer working faster. It does lose marks however on its overall ability to root out spyware programs and for lacking firewalls and parental controls.


Kaspersky Lab’s currently offers “Total Security” which is an advantage to its competitors meaning it can remotely manage all your devices from PC, Mac, and even Android operating systems. Kaspersky gets high marks for its anti-phishing capabilities and offers a customizable firewall with parental controls. At $54.99 it comes in with a competitive price too.


Bullguard is one of the newer players in anti-virus protection but is quickly gaining a fan base for the ways in which it can analyze your computer system for malicious software. Bullguard is priced at $59.99 with cheaper options for those not wanting the premium package. Bullguard not only removes viruses but can identify vulnerabilities in your system and fix them. Additionally with Bullguard Premium Protection (2015) you get 25GB of cloud storage included to completely safeguard your personal files.


McAfee has been around longer than most of the anti-virus companies on this list and this head start in the business has provided an advantage to the program. McAFEE has name recognition in the marketplace and many computer software bundlers include them when installing new operating systems to commercial home computers. McAFEE does what it says: it cleans and removes viruses and spyware using a constantly updated database and can also protect you in real time. The drawback to McAFEE however for many consumers is pricing. For total protection it comes in at $40.49 making it one of the higher end options for anti-virus protection.