Problems With Your Slow Computer, Smartphone, Or Tablet

Slow Computer

It’s the most common complaint of any computer user on the planet: my computer is too slow! With our dependence growing on a computer based world from smart phones, tablets, laptops and home computers many of us are finding it hard to keep our many systems running optimally. While there is nothing wrong with the hardware- meaning the computer itself- we can usually detect a general slowdown of our computer as we continue to use them.

Why is this? Is there something inside the computer that as time goes on makes it no longer able to run like it did when we took it out of the box? The answer is most oftentimes no- there is nothing technically wrong with computer itself but rather what is now on the computer.

Why Computers Get Slow

Computer and smart phone manufacturers would probably prefer you just keep dumping your system each year and getting the latest computer system with more space and memory. For the average user though this may not be feasible (or economically sound!) to replace their expensive electronics so often.

So what happened? Why did a fast computer start getting so slow? The reasons can be varied which cause a computer to start crawling instead of speeding along like the day we bought it. The reasons can range but most often the reason you have a slow computer are one of the following:

Malware or Spyware Infection: these infections, in addition to causing permanent computer damage such as lost data, will make your computer unbearably slow to operate. Malware and Spyware are essentially programs and these programs eat up precious processor speed.
Bad Registry: a registry problem can make your computer slow down as your operating system becomes confused trying to find the files it needs to operate optimally. Registry issues build over time and no system is immune.
Virus: like spyware and malware viruses live and breed on your system eating up precious speed and storage. A virus can also wipe your hard drive clean eliminating all your saved information!

Make Your Computer Faster

There is some good news to all this information causing your slow computer problems: you can fix them and return your system to its factory- out of the box- speed. It is no longer necessary to spend money on a “hardware” upgrade. The truth is unless you are a computer programmer or other heavy user and bought your computer after 2009- you have all the hardware you need to surf the web, send and receive email, and anything else you can think of. If your computer seems to slow to handle the same applications it once did without slowing down, you can “reboot” your system and have it running like new in no time.

There are many options to make your computer faster- much faster- by simply eliminating the errors and malicious programs on your computer. With these repairs made and unwanted programs removed, your computer’s health will be like the day you bought it and the operating speed will return to your system.

With the complexity of causes for modern-day computer systems, it’s hard to tell what exactly is the source of your computers ailments. With most protection programs they can analyze your system remotely and locate then repair your computer issues. If you are sick of having a slow computer don’t wait another day to get your computer fixed and running properly- and don’t throw out your current pc!