Protect Against Virus And Malware Infections On Your Mobile Phone

mobile virus protection

The amount of Android apps and Mobile phones infected with malware and other malicious software has nearly quadrupled over the last five years. Have no misunderstanding about this mobile security crisis, there is such a thing as Mobile malware and it is becoming more and more prevalent. Especially the android app is susceptible to these crimes. Cyber outlaws are focusing their attacks on mobile phones since the amount of searches done on smart phones has increased exponentially. These criminals are producing malware-spreading apps in shifty attacks to obtain your personal inside information. The users’ mobile security is clearly compromised once your mobile phone has download this malicious software and it can hard to detect these malware infections.

These cyber criminals our focusing on your Data and your Identity. Smartphones are devices that store and organize your data, consequently they could contain delicate data such as credit card numbers, passwords, banking information, and other financial information.

There other common item that is being targeted by these criminals is your identity. Since smartphones are extremely personalized, their contents usually contain an individual’s personal information such as birthdate, address, social security number, place of employment and other sensitive information. Once these attackers obtain this information the amount of nefarious activities they can do with it can be devastating to an individual.

How does a Mobile Virus infiltrate my smart phone?

These mobile hackers usually put a Trojan horse around a mobile app and try to get third party marketers to help distribute the app to mobile users. These third party distributers are either unaware or turn a blind eye to these infected apps. And once your smartphone is affected, as stated earlier, these mobile viruses are customized to find and take your username and password and PINs.

Antivirus Apps for Mobile Phones

Antivirus apps for mobile phones, smartphones, act in the identical manner as antivirus software on desk top computers. They look for and stop the installation of destructive viruses, and scan any information obtained through emails and attachments looking for any sort of malicious software. Most smart phone attacks are focused on the Android operating system. The reason for this is because Android is more susceptible to attacks than other smartphone operating systems. Android operating system is more open to get an infected app from the Android market since the guidelines established to distribute apps or not as stringent as Apple’s iPhone App Store.

A lot of companies, such as, AVG, Avast and Bitdefender offer some sort of free protection for your phone against virus attacks, spyware, malware infections and data theft. These free apps offer a basic line of protection against hacker, each of these companies also offers more advance protection for a fee.